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Little Price is your one stop bargain site

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So you are looking for great prices, bargains and discounts, eh?  Well, below are a few great tips that you can use when searching the net for the best deal.

Tip #1 You can find great deals on Ebay, however before you buy, make sure that you buy from a reputable member.  Ebay uses score card review for each member.  Somebody that has a 100% means that he/she has no bad reviews.  The lower the number, the more bad reviews that person has.

I advise you to stay away from people that have under 98%.  Additionally, try buying from people that have previous experience in selling.  You may find people that have experience buying, but may have never sold anything on Ebay.  This is very important to take in consideration prior to selecting your seller.

Ask any questions before you purchase the product.

Tip #2

For restaurant lovers, you can buy prepaid coupons for most restaurants within your are.  use the search box above and enter the name of the restaurant you wish to visit.  There is a good chance you may find a coupon where you will be able to save over 40% – 50%

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Little Price, great bargains

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    I’ve been gold bricking here at work all day and my boss would certainly kill me if she found out I was reading this stuff all day! OK, admin, some questions. How long did it normally take you to compose a blog here? And how costly is it to pay for hosting per month? It would be nice to have a page of my own on the net. However I’ve never actually ran one before, so here I am asking you. It would really give me a head start, if you could either email me or respond here… thank you.

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